Terms & conditions

Orbit Publications is a responsible organisation that intends to operate using ideal guidelines for publishing firms. Accessing orbitpublicationsllc.com means that visitors agree to the terms and conditions that are carefully explained in this page in full disclosure. Our website and company’s operating procedures are governed by the guidelines described here, although our service agreements comprehensively include the details of the specific scope of work in each project.
All visitors and customers must agree with these Terms and Conditions if they wish to use this website and Orbit Publications’ services in any capacity. Using this website and sending a query automatically assumes that a visitor agrees with all the points covered in this policy.

Intellectual Property Ownership

Orbit Publications understands the concept of intellectual property. We work as an agent and associate of our clients. All intellectual property ownership remains solely with our clients, which are defined in our detailed service agreements. The original authors hold all the rights, which also makes them responsible for all outcomes arising out of their content.


Orbit Publications accepts the responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality of client information under relevant laws. We never share this information and any related documents to a third party under any circumstances. However, the organisation is bound legally to give information to law enforcement agencies under specific conditions.


Orbit Publishing charges payments for writing, reviewing, editing, formatting and publication assistance. Since we are responsible as associates, we are only responsible for the service that we cover under our agreements. Any payment for processing shall not be refunded if the paper does not successfully get published due to any reason that belongs to the researcher or the academic journal.


Orbit Publications offers refunds within 24 hours of order placements. On some projects, this time is reduced to 12 hours. In every case, once publishing experts are assigned on the project, processing and consultation charges are deducted from the paid amount. The refund is then calculated as the amount paid minus the processing charges and are communicated transparently to clients.

Service Reliability

Orbit Publications offers the reliability of service as our customer service is available 24/7. However, technical failures or routine website maintenance may interrupt our service, which must be acceptable to our website visitors and clients.


Orbit publications warrants on formatting standards, language consistency and communication with academic journals. These are the grounds against which we provide service warranties in our agreements. However, we do not guarantee the originality of research, data validation and publishing guarantee in a specific journal. Since we do not own intellectual property, we are not liable for benefits and consequences attached to the original owner of content.


Orbit Publications has an independent dispute resolution department. By visiting this website, you agree to have any dispute with the company resolved by our independent dispute resolution. This policy extends to our service agreements and other scopes of work.

Changes in Terms and Conditions

Orbit Publications can change these Terms and Conditions at any point of time without serving a prior notice to existing customers or website visitors. The continuous use of this website entailed that you accept any changes that may have occurred without your knowledge.